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The Beef

Galloway emerged as the beef breed of choice in the 15th and 16thCenturies and continued to dominate England’s and Scotland’s beef trade for hundreds of years. Remarked an eminent English butcher, “There is no other cattle equal to the polled Galloway as a beef-producing breed. The quality of beef is superior to any I ever killed… No class of cattle make such heavy cuts with so little bone, and the lean meat cuts so thick and fine in the grain that it pleases both butcher and consumer.”

Galloway cattle produce beef that exceeds consumer expectations for leanness, taste and tenderness. At eh U.S. Meat animal Research Center, sensory evaluation panes ranked Galloway beef head and shoulders above the 11 other breeds analyzed. In direct comparisons, Galloway ranked:

1st. in Flavor
2nd in Tenderness
2nd in Juiciness

Galloway cattle have low levels of wasteful internal fat-fat that surrounds the kidneys and heart and lines the pelvis. Their carcasses are well marbled with large ribeyes. It is often said that Galloway beef has a distinctive eating quality, superior to other breeds. 

In direct comparison between Galloway and the five other British beef breeds evaluated by U.S. Meat Animal Research in Clay Center, Nebraska, Galloway stands tall:

1st lowest in Fat Thickness (0.48 inches)
1st lowest in estimated percent Kidney, Pelvic and Heart Fat (3.13%)
1st highest in percent Retail Product (69.7%)
1st lowest in percent Fat Trim (17.8%)
1st lowest in pounds of Fat Trim (110 lbs.)
2nd highest in Ribeye Area (11.28 sq. inches)
2nd highest in Dresssing Percentage (61.2%)
3rd highest in Retail Product Pounds (426 lbs.)









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